The Orioles Deal Proves the State will Govern in Partnership

By Don Mohler

I love public service. I’ve had the privilege of working for the people of Maryland throughout my career – from my early days as a teacher, to my work advising four different school superintendents, to my role as a senior advisor to two Baltimore County Executives, to my own tenure as Baltimore County Executive. It has been an honor at every step along the way.

I’ve always believed that we get more done when we work together. The announcement that the Orioles have signed a new lease that will keep them in Baltimore for the next 30 years is a perfect example of that philosophy.  When Wes Moore and Aruna Miller entered office earlier this year, they pledged to honor a tradition of transparency and partnership.  They’ve done just that. Their pledge was not just a talking point. It is a fundamental part of how they govern

During my years in county government, I participated in a number of very difficult negotiations. They are never easy, and a deal of this size and scale doesn’t happen overnight. It comes from the hard, committed work of many people coming to the table in good faith. Governor Moore and his colleagues in the State House took time to consult and collaborate with leaders of the Maryland Stadium Authority, the Orioles, the Board of Public Works, the Attorney General’s Office, and the Maryland General Assembly. This is exactly how government is supposed to work.

Real leaders listen. Real leaders learn. Real leaders respond. And real leaders never forget whom they represent. This lease agreement underscores these fundamental truths – in both process and product. The result is a deal that reflects the views of a wide range of Marylanders working in both the public and private sectors.

Marylanders want commitment, investment, and good stewardship of public dollars. This lease agreement addresses each of these priorities. The final deal keeps the Orioles in Baltimore for the long-term, drives economic growth downtown, and ensures strict oversight of public funds.

You cannot achieve those kinds of outcomes without getting everyone on the same page – and that’s exactly what the Moore-Miller Administration did. Partnership is back on the menu in Annapolis, and I’ve never been more optimistic about what we can achieve together.

Governor Moore often likes to say “divided, we cannot win – but united, we cannot lose.” He has put that philosophy to good use in these negotiations, and all of us will benefit as a result. Our state needs firm leadership and consistent outreach. By getting this deal across the finish line, the Moore-Miller Administration has proven that they will always keep the interests of Marylanders front-of-mind in everything they do. As a lifelong Oriole fan, I simply say, “Thank you.”

Don Mohler is the former Baltimore County Executive. He may be reached at


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