Thanks Mom- Part II

By Don Mohler

Part II of our Mother’s Day tribute continues. Themes are developing, and inspiration abounds on the Front Porch. What’s your story?

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I have many fond memories of my mom, but there has always been one that stood out to me. When I was in middle school, I came home in tears one day because I had done poorly on a math quiz.  I was totally confused about the content and was sure I was going to get in trouble as soon as my parents saw the grade.  I was still upset when my Mom got home and braced for the worst.  She could see that I was a total mess and sat down with me at the dining room table.  Rather than punish me, she asked me to show her the quiz and proceeded to help me understand the questions. 

Now, my Mom is a fairly reserved person. She’s very wise, kind and loving, but it is safe to say that she is a pretty quiet individual. What happened next was totally out of character for her. As she was helping me review the quiz, she realized that I was still a bit upset and stressed out so she suddenly grabbed some sunglasses and a dishtowel from the kitchen.  With the sunglasses on and the dish towel around her head, she began dancing every time I got an answer right.  My mom had somehow turned into Bob Marley’s sister in the dining room of my old house.  Tears turned to laughter, and my day became immediately brighter. 

I think the reason that memory is so vivid is because it totally describes my Mom and all of the great moms out there. The great ones are fearless in stepping outside of their comfort zone to be there for their kids whenever they are needed. My mother has always been there to make sure I stayed on the right path, to support me in anything I did, to open my eyes to different points of view, and to protect me whenever she could.  Certainly whenever I was struggling with a problem, she found a way to help me navigate the process, and if that meant dancing around the dining room with sunglasses on and a dishtowel around her head, then she was ready to go.  It was something that she would not normally do, but for me, she did anything and everything she could to love me, support me, teach me and comfort me. Even when it called for sunglasses and a dishtowel. That’s what great moms do, and my Mom is certainly one of the best! – Jeff Mohler


In addition to Mom making my sister and me feel great about ourselves every day, our lives were completely calm and predictable. We knew what to expect every day and it was always something good! – Beverly Falkenhan German


My Mom- Being so supportive from a child to an adult and always putting her daughter’s needs before her own (along with my father, of course).  – Andy Melissa Hager


She was always my biggest booster. Miss her and my dad every day. – John Offerman


I think if I had to pick one thing that makes Mom special it would have to be her unflappable nature. (Something that has eroded a bit since The Old Man has been gone.) I don’t know if it stemmed from a childhood in The Great Depression, having raised six kids, or just an Irish mother’s natural fatalism, but nothing ever seemed to rattle her.

 Me: “Mom, I think I want to give up on majoring in journalism, and train to be a paramedic.”

 Mom: “Do you even really need to go to college for that?”

 Me: “Mom, I asked Kim to marry me, and she said, ‘Yes’.”

 Mom: “Okay, but you don’t have to get married right away, correct?”

 Me: “Mom, I got burned fighting a fire.”

 Mom: “You should probably try to do that better.”

 Me: “Mom, the helicopter had an engine failure.”

 Mom: “Well, I guess it must have landed ok, since I’m not hearing the story from someone else.” Etc. – Pete Fitzpatrick


To this day, my Mom tells me that she prays for me two times daily. She humbles herself before an almighty God on my behalf, not once, but twice a day. That is special to me. More on my Mom: She’s an artist who literally makes cards for shut ins at church and anyone she meets at restaurants. She is also in her 70s and loves heavy metal and hip hop music, and she is a big pro wrestling fan. I obviously have a pretty neat and unique Mom. I will keep her. – Ronald Kristy Forman Schott


My mom is an amazing woman in so many ways. She managed a household of 10 and even took in a foster child for a few years. She was a Brownie and Girl Scout leader, while volunteering at church, the hospital, and our daily bread. She made sure we all went to church every Sunday as a family, and she got us to swim meets, baseball, and basketball games. She was the chauffeur, the cook, and the shopper. She kept our house clean and changed all 10 beds on a weekly basis. Yes, she had some help but she ran the show- Dottie Norton Roach


My Mom moved three children born within 30 months of one another all over the world, often with the Air Force sending my Dad out before us, including a trip out of Libya as Gaddafi was taking power. Dad joined us for that one. – Laura Oslund


My mom taught me how to live with gusto and how to die with grace. – Laurie Mohler


Don Mohler is the former Baltimore County Executive and President and CEO of Mohler Communication Strategies. He may be reached at

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